Hi, and welcome to my space.

This space has been generously donated by TRDC  as a home for my ever growing collection of free textures.

These are mainly clothing textures, as I really enjoy making these, especially ones with a historical theme, but there will be other textures from time to time.

I will also be happy to provide specific textures on request, providing I own the clothing model.

I make no restrictions for the usage of my textures except to ask that they are not re-distributed in any way, either on their own or in another package, either free or commercial.

Hopefully there will be no need for your people to go around naked once you have perused these pages.

Page one With Jan19 A collection of textures for the dresses created by Jan 19.
Page two Textures for Pharaohs of the Sun Dress.
Page three Textures for Free Items.
Page four Mix and Match Items.
Page five
Crinolines for all occasions.
Page Six
Wizards and Warriors.
Page Seven Textures for the MFD (all versions apart from SP3)
Page Eight Suit you, for when you need something smarter.
Page Nine Holidays, something a little special for the holidays.
Page 10 Faerie and Mermaid.
Page 11 Culture & Costume.
Page 12  Sadie Stuff.
Page 13  Pirates and Cowboys (sorry no ninja's).
Page 14 Turn of the Century.
Page 15 Something a little Special.
Page 16 Aiko 3 Stuff.
Page 17 Kids 4 Stuff.

Simple tutorial to make a simple texture

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 For By Jan19


For free Items

Mix and Match Items


Wizards and Warriors


Suit You


Faerie and Mermaid

Culture & Costume

Sadie Stuff

Pirates and cowboys

Turn of the Century

A Little Special

Aiko 3 Stuff

Kids 4 Stuff

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