Using Nodes in Poser to add items on to skin textures.

This information was created by paganeagle2001 and posted on this site with his permission

There is a simple way of doing this, check out the attachment that shows you how to make a set of nodes to do it.

This is how I did the battle scars for Apollo.

I used Photoshop, but you can use any program that does layers.

Load up the body or head texture you want to add a tattoo to in PS.

Make a new layer and make it a Multiply layer. This allows you to see through to the layer below.

Put your tattoo on this layer and move it around, scale etc. until you have it right.

If you want to add more than one tattoo, always do them on separate Multiply layers It's so much easier that way.

Now once everything is ready and your happy with it, switch off the body or head layer.

Now all you have is the layer with the tattoo on showing.

Save your file as a Jpeg and ONLY this part of the graphic is saved!!!!

Now if you have more than one layer, use the Merge Visible option in the Layers section. This will make a single layer of all the transparent layers.

Load up Poser, check out my little graphic (I would download it as a guide) and just follow the nodes.

You would then need to save as a MAT file to distribute, but the graphic will show you how to get the effect you want.