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Textures for dresses created by Jan 19

Textures for Queen Anne Closet for  V4  (By Jan19)

Anne Boleyn's closet 7 different styles for this great free period dress. Argente(silver brocades) Cafe-au-lait, Claret and gold silk, Green velvet with gold lace,Petite Fleur in lilac-pink, Riche copper brocade with embroidery and Royale silk with silver. Download

Textures for La Belle Epoch for  V4  (By Jan19)

Zip 1 Sizzling blue silk, embroidered cream silk or gold lace flowers decorate these 3 versions. Download

Beaded Sarcelle (teal) Crimoisie (rich red) Foret verte (forest green) and Soie Noire (black silk) all with toning beadwork for these very swish dresses. Download

Belle white White silk with lace and cut out alencon style lace overskirt. I deal for Spring and Summer weddings. Download

Textures for Ren Romance for  V4  (By Jan19)

Ren Romance A shimmery gold and green version, and a sassy red and gold one for this free dress from Jan19. Download

Ren Romance sparkles Dk green and purple sparkley textures to use on their own, or the top will match BoP skirt.. Download

Textures for Cho's Crinolines for  V4  (By Jan19)

This is a combined project. I sent Jan19 some sketches, and from them she made these 2 beautiful Ante-Bellum ACW crinoline style dresses.
She actually meant it to be just for me, but, being Chohole, I decided to share, and Jan has given me permission the distribute the gowns as well as my textures.
Cho's crinolines This contains Jan 19's files for the gowns. Thank you Jan. Download
Lavender Fleurette Lsleeved gown and Fleurette ruffled gown in pretty floral fabric for garden parties. Download

Black and white Sable and Bianca, a set for weddings and funerals, very rich L sleeved mourning gown and off white embroidered ruffled gown. Download

Pink Begonia L sleeved gown for daywear and Sorbet ruffled dress with beaded dec for evening wear. Download

RGreen Pistachio ruffled gown in pretty pastes for evenings and Verna L sleeved gown in more subdued colours for walking out. Download

Red Scarlet L sleeved and ruffled gowns in rich reds with embroidery. Download
Teal Teal long sleeved and ruffled gowns again with embroidery and braid with lace overskirt. Download

Yellow Primrose ruffled and Lsleeved gowns with lace overskirts and braid trim,very delicate for spring. Download
Midnight Rich deep blue with silvery trim in both versions, with chiffon overskirts. Download

Apricot Embroidered fabric trimmed with chestnut brown for the ruffled dress, with the Lsleeved dress made into a walking out outfit. Download

The Blues Pale grey/blue for both dresses (using Ethereal shines merchant resource), and a 2nd set with Mid blue under gowns on both. Download

Pretty Well what else can you call this set, pastel patterned fabric with chiffon and lace overlays in either blue, green, pink or yellow. Download

Turquoise Bright turquoise silk with embroidery and lace in pink, very feminine for a younger person. Download
Brocades Rich shades of Peacock with gold beads, and pinky lilac brocade for 2 evening gowns. Download

Please note you will find the textures for other Crinolines on page 5.

Textures for Bird Of Paradise dress for  V/A4  (By Jan19)

Zip 1 Peacock, red and black and Satin and lace textures, so you can dance, get married or go Goth, as you please. Download
Zip 2 Black, Dk green and Purple sparkly textures, use or their own or mix and match with Lirio or Ren Romance textures with the same name, to give different styles. Download

Textures for Cho's Crinolines II for V4  (By Jan19)

This is a combined project. I sent Jan19 some sketches, and from them she made these with 2 separate conforming bodice, and a 3 tired skirt to match either.
She actually meant it to be just for me, but, being Chohole, I decided to share, and Jan has given me permission the distribute the gowns as well as my textures.

Cho's crinolines 2 This contains Jan 19's files for the outfit. Thank you Jan. Download
Zip 1 Bluebelle, with embroidered flowers for both tops and the skirt. Seafoam flowers uses the LS bodice and skirt. Download
Zip 2 Mist grey silk, with multi-coloured embroidery for both bodices and the skirt. Pink pearl for the SS bodice and the skirt. Download
Zip 3 Royale in rich blue with red trims and a touch of lace for both bodices and the skirt, Forest green velvet with checked ribbon and embroidered trim for just the LS bodice and skirt. Download

Lace ruffles Off white fabric and lace, to try and capture the spirit of Katy Scarletts famous ruffled dress in GWTW. Download

Please note you will find the textures for other Crinolines on page 5.

Textures for Lady of Legend for V4  (By Jan19)

Lady of Legends Dress Dress created by Jan19, concept by Catmcroy and textures by Chohole.A generic medieval dress with many uses.

Please note this is a double zip, unzip to a temp folder, read the readme and then unzip the 2nd zip to your runtime of choice.

Zip 1 Guinevere (green), Morgan la Fey (misty lilaC), Morgause (red) and Ygraine (rich blue), 4 legendary Arthurian ladies.. Download

Zip 2 Elaine (poor sad lady in white), Nimue (earthy) and Vivianne (sea grey), 3 more Arthurian ladies. Download

Ice Cream colours Blueberry, citrus, peach and tutti frutti, made using CatMcroy's Summer Ice cream tex pack. Download

Lady of the Lake Slightly irridescent blue with white for this legendary Lady. The overskirt is made from the Royal Robe Jan made for Wayii.

Textures for Dinai belly dancer outfit for V4  (by Jan19 and spacenewt)

Cho_dinai Indira in rich blue with silvery beads, Tehila in teal with silver and turqoise beading and Suri in Red with gold trim and beading.

Go here for fantasy collar textures to match.
Go here for torso tattoos (L.I.E & .png) to match


Textures for Cortigiana for V4  (By Jan19)

Zip 1 Amber brocaded style and Teal silks for these 2 rich looking styles. Download
Zip 2 A 2 colour green version with Embroidery and a velvet overdress, and a paisley embroidered one, also with velvet in 2 colours, either burgundy or Wolffie green. Download

Textures for Glitter dress for V4  (By Jan19)

Jan said she could do sexy, I can do glitzy so here we have some sexy glitz.
Zip 1 Black, white and red all with shimmery beads. Download
Zip 2 Apricot, Flesh coloured and Wolffie green styles. The flesh coloured one has a transmap, Wgreen has 2 versions one with and one without the trans. Download
Note the white one uses reflection to drive the bright white effect, so can be tinted in the mat room in a variety of ways. You can tint the reflect colour, as well as the diffuse and ambient colours with some surprising effects. You can also use the bump map in the diffuse channel and get another different look, especially if you change the reflection colour.

Textures for Little Glitter dress for V4  (By Jan19)

Little dress I have transferred the black glitz to the short version of this dress. Download

Textures for Duchess de Collette for V4  (By Jan19)

Pastels Blue gingham with trim and white lace and a Green floral embroidered set. Download

Beaded Garnet red with gold beadwork and midnight blue velvet with silvery blue beadwork for a rich look. Download

Textures for Gothic bride for  V4  (By Jan19)

Gothic bride Just the one set, turning this outfit into one suitable for Madame de L'Arachinidia, in red and purple and black. Download

Textures for WindWalker for V4. (By Jan 19)

Textures for this out fit can be found on the Culture & Costume page.




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