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Faerie and Mermaid  
fairy,  fay, fey, faery, faerie, fae. or what every else they may be called and some mermaids too.

Textures for Lily Fairy V4/A4/V4E/G4 by Bobbie25. (from DAZ)

Lily fairy A whole bunch of flower textures for the dress, plus a few whacky ones just for fun. Download

Textures for U Wings 1 & 2  by Thorne.


U Wings Some textures for Thornes original Uwings (free at Daz or Faeriewylde). Will mostly tone with the Lily Fairy textures. Download

U Wings 2 Just a quick flowery texture to go with Lily Fairy's columbine dress. Download

Peacock wings Peacock textures for Thorne's Uwings2 . Download

Flower wings Textures for Thorne's Uwings2 to match the MFD textures here. Download

Textures for Mada's Nymph dress for Teagan

Spring breeze Bright and lively colour for a springtime nymph Download

Pastel rainbow Pretty colours for a pretty nymph. Download

Gothic Undertones A slightly gothic black and red texture for this set. Download

Textures for Cherry blossom dress by Mada and Thorne (DAZ)


Spring flower Shades of pink petals and green leaves for a flower fairy dress. Download

Textures for Tink Dress for Aiko and V4  (Faerie-Dreams)

Beaded satin textures Red, blue and green textures. Download
Jewelled Uwing textures For Thornes original Uwings, textures to tone with the beaded satin dresses. Download

Brocaded textures 3 different and rather strange brocade textures. Download

Flower fairy Pretty pink, springtime flower texture. Download

Textures for PotS from Daz

Flower fairies for PotS for V4 A pale columbine and a flamboyant fuschia dress for this set. Download

Textures for Wildwoods traveller and MFD from Daz

Flower fairies blue orchid Matching textures for him and her using Wildwoods traveller and MFD. Download

Flower fairies various Desert rose, Pansy and Limanthes for summer fairies for MFD and Wildwoods traveller. Download

Ferny Fairy A mossy texture for your wood nymph for the MFD. Download

Textures for flower wreath from faerie-dreams

Flower wreaths Textures for Mada's flower wreath (from faerie-dreams) to match all the dresses. Download

Textures for Magic sense for V4 by FK design (3dcommune)

Autumn leaves Echoing the colours of leaves as they turn colour in the autumn. Download
Autumn sunrise Peaches and gold's, as in a gorgeous autumnal sunrise. Download
Evening skies Rich blue, sprinkled with stars in silver and gold, as at early evening. Download

Textures for Elfin for V4/A4 from Daz

Pack 1 Ice blue and Wolffie green versions of this outfit. Download
Pack 2 Opalescent and Peacock versions, very shiny and bright. Download
Pack 3 Celestial blue with stars, and a shaded goth style one in red/black/purple. Download
Autumn Autumn leaves and acorns on this one, first of a series of seasonal ones. Download

Springtime Elfin 3 texture sets suitable for spring renders, Spring, Pink and Lavender, made with real petals and flower scans and photos, and one with the petals tinted to give a delicate Porcelain effect. Download

Textures for Fae Realms dress for V4/A4 (from Daz)

Air Shimmery whites and silver for the air elemental. Download
Earth Browns to green shades for a shimmery earth element. Download
Fire Bright, glowing red and gold shimmery fabric for the fire element. Download
Water Shades of turquoise blue, again shimmery for a watery elf elmental. Download

Spirit Lavender with lavender pearly beads for a classy element of the spirit. Download
Dark spirit Black and silver make for a classy dress for all sorts of occasion. Download
Purple Purple and black, with some shimmery bits for a more Goth look (Uses Tyllo free "Rich Widow" texture). Download
W green This colour scheme needs no description, Wolffie green with gold of course. Download

Textures for Lost Realms for V4 (from Daz)


Zip 1 Pastel or MoPearl shades, aqua, pink, silver and blue with gold. Download

Zip 2 Bright shades, bright, purple, green and peacock, not realistic, but fun. Download

Zip 3 Gothic in either black or red, a gold one, and one as near as I can get to Ariel. Download

Zip 4 More natural fish shades, two different Koi, an icy silver one and a slate grey one. Download

Textures for Puck for M4/H4 (from Daz)

Puck 2 textures for now, a bright Autumnal one and one for a sartorial Jack Frost. Download

Puck 2 Springy and Summry sets, plus a protesting pixie and a Blueboy flower one.
Please note: the flower tex has no vines, I suggest you use the ones from Summry if you need vines with it.

Biker puck Black leather with studs and chains, just right fir a self respecting bad biker pixie. or even a Goth pixie. 2 versions of shirt, one with back patch for "serious" bikers. Download

Textures for Witches Motorcycle (By mrsparky)

Pixie Putterer Some shiny textures for Sparky's witch bike (minus sidecar) which are texture driven, not shaders, so will work in all apps.
Bike available at PoserDirect

Textures for Fairytale Cinderella carriage by Daz

Pack 1 Barbie style, pink of course, and Larkspur in pale blue and silver. Download
Pack 2 Iolanthe, shades of purple/lavender and Teela which is teal green mainly. Download

Pack 3 Noelle, bright xmas colours, and Siria, which is pumkin orange, green and gold. Download
Pack 4 Lilith, gothic styling, and Wolffs green which is green and gold. Download

Textures for MadHatter for M4/H4 (from Daz)

MadHatter Just the one set here in shades of Azure blue which tones with the Azure Queen of Hearts set. Tyllo_Teresa texture used on the vest. Download


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