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Culture & Costume  
For outfits based on different Culture's costume and dress

Native American Influence

Textures for Gaia for V4/A4/V4E/G4. (from DAZ)

Gaia zip5 NA An alternative version of Gaia with a SW native American influence. Download
Other Textures for Gaia can be found on page 8.

Textures for Fantasy collar for V4. (from DAZ)

Fantasy collar A squash blossom necklace using the small fantasy collar. Download

Textures for WindWalker for V4. (By Jan 19)

WindWalker RainBird in buckskin with Turquoise beading and teal, in (you've guessed it) teal fabric with lavender beading. Download

Textures for fortune teller slippers for V4. (from DAZ)

FT slippers 2 textures for the slippers from fortune teller set to tone with WindWalker. Download

Textures for Valiant for M4. (from DAZ)

NA for Valiant An attempt to turn the Valiant tunic and trous into a sort of generic Native American for M4. Download

Textures for Courageous for V4/A4/V4M (from Daz)

N A style 2 female and 1 male version in a generic plains Indian style with pants belt/sash and moccie boots. Slipper moccies use the ones from fortune teller outfit. Download

Textures for Native American mixture for V4 or M4

NA mix M4 Tahoma, with Sth Western style using The Mage tunic and belt plus Valiant pants and boots. 2 pants versions, making either leggings or trous. Download
NA mix V4 Mahala with South Western style, using the tunic and belt from The Sorceress plus boots from Courageous.. Download

Wood God Mankato uses most of the parts from WoodGod, has a sort of SW Native American style and can be used to tone with the NA mix textures. Download

Textures for Ness quilt By Ness

Ness quilt 2 textures simulating NA blankets, one Navaho style and one Sioux style. Download

Textures for Native Costume for the MilHorse by Daio (from RMP)

NC tack A Navaho styled set for Daios Native costume horse tack. Download

Textures for Wood Goddess for V4 from Daz

Woodgoddess Yanaba, SW Native American styling for Wood goddes to match Mankota.
Please note
Her headdress uses the Mankota textures for wood god.

Textures for Bootleggers for V4 by BadKittehCo & shadownet (from RMP)

Bootleggers A sort of Native American style for these.
Please note Please use the no-strap morph on each boot.

Textures for Zetta for V4 by BadKittehCo (From Daz)

Zetta 1

2 Native American styles, one with SW style and one more generic plains indian style, plus one with silvery beads for forest elves and a dark wolffie green one with gold, just because.
Please note Please use the no-armor morph on each boot.


Textures for Cheyenne for V4 & M4 & K4 & Native village (From Daz)

Cheyenne for K4

Ayashe for the K4 girl and Honihak for the boy. Girl has typical Cheyenne styling and colour scheme for the beadwork, the boys beadwork is Ute rather than Cheyenne.

Cheyenne for V4 Darika, a typical Cheyenne styled dress, but using non traditional colours. Download
Cheyenne for M4 Avonaco, with Ute style beadwork and colourscheme. All clothing items and accessories plus the spirit shield, but no weapons. Download
Native village 3 external Tipi hide designs, plus 2 different internal hides, which could also be manually applied to the outer, so 5 different options all told. Download

Romany Influence

Textures for Daz morphing fantasy dress (V4, V3, Aiko3, The Girl & Laura)
using Fortune teller pack & Expansion pack 1 (V3 & V4)

Cerulean Radiant blue flowery fabrics to make an impact. Download
Floralie Bright summer red and gold flowery fabrics. Download

Elegant Gypsy

Black and gold for a more elegant or older gypsy. Download

Forest shades

More subtle with muted shades of green and brown. Download


Bright red combined with black for another stunning look. Download

Fortunes finery

Bright shades of purple heavily trimmed with gold for a really rich look. Download

Textures for Boundless Journey by Daz

Travellers Joy A new texture set for Redhouse Studios' Boundless Journey. All spruced up and ready to go to the travelling fair. Including 4 trans maps to add curtains to the windows. Download

Textures for Daz Poet Shirt (M3 & D3)

Black velvet and silver
Burgundy wine
Sunny days
Simple elegance for your suave gypsy about town.
Deep red trimmed with black, maybe for the older gypsy.
yellow gold velvet trimmed with green for the fashion conscious younger man.
For poet shirt 1

Blue skies
Forest green
Evening sky
Tie-died blue silk with pastel trim, very summery.
Dark green silk, trimmed with lighter green for a rich look.
dark blue trimmed with burgundy makes this tasteful shirt.
For poet shirt 2

Textures for Daz World Traveler Accessories for
M3 and D3 Poet Shirt

World travellers scarves All the toning scarves worn by the men in the images. Download

Asian Influence

Textures for Male & Female Tunic and Pants from Daz

Kaftans pack 1 Rich colours, luxury fabrics, can be used in all sorts of contexts for you females. Download
Kurtas pack 1 Matching or toning textures to the above, for the stylish male. Download
K trous pack 1 Again either toning or matching with the above, these are unisex textures, one size fits all. Download

Kaftans pack 2 More fun colours for Hippies, elves or whoever else you wish. Download
Kurtas pack 2 Toning with the above set, for you male hippies, etc. Download
K trous pack 2 And yet again these tone with the above packs for matching sets . Download

Johdpuri More formal tops, with the famous Nehru collar for the men from the tunic, which match both the Lengha's and will tone with trous from my trous pack. Download

Lengha choli Tops and skirts from the MFD to make party/ wedding/ dance outfits for your Asian girls. Download
Kameez An alternative top to match the lengha skirt for a more demure outfit. Download

Other Influence

Textures for Welsh costume for V4

Welsh costume

Buses PoTS dress and overskirt, Sensibility apron, cape from rend free stuff Mystery Hunter (A3) and close bonnet by Trumarcar. Just because I felt like it..


Get the Mystery Hunter here

Get the Close bonnet here

Textures for Moroccan dreams M4/H4 & V4/A4 (from Daz)

M4 Moroccan dreams Green-gold, Black-gold and Black_silver versions of this outfit. I have shown black_gold on M4 and Black-silver on V4, but there are both colourways enclosed in both zips. Download
V4 Moroccan dreams The same 3 colours as for M4, plus and additional one is purple and fuschia pink.I didn't think M4 would want one this colour. Download

Textures for flamenco dress  (DAZ)

Ananas for flamenco dress Pineapple yellow and green for Latin American dancers. Download

Textures for Vandra for V4  (from Daz)

Vandra bellydancer Textures in Gold, Deep blue and Red/black to turn this outfit into a bellydance outfit. Download



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