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Sadie Stuff

Textures for Elf  for Sadie From Daz

Carol Bright primary colours of red and green trimmed with a touch of gold. Download
Holley Holly patterned bodysuit with warm tweed and quilted coat.

Starry My signature colours of lavender and light teal with a shimmery effect. Download
Oriole Shimmery green and gold, bright and cheerful for the winter elf. Download

Hootsmon Tartan and tweed with a nice warm knitted top for the Hogmanay celebrations. Download

Mardi gras Shimmery textures, courtesy of Kimber, for a bright cheerful elf. Download

Leprechaun elf Just what it says, a tex to turn Sammie elf into a leprechaun. Download

Textures for Midnight blue dress for Sadie From Poser Pro

Buttercup Pretty yellow floral dress trimmed with reddish colour. Download
Bonnie Pretty blue floral dress with butterflies.
Viola My signature colours, light purple and teal.
Frosty Silvery white for a frosty fairy, or just for a party. Can be tinted by changing the reflection colour.

Textures for Little dream dress for Sadie From Poser Pro

Sparkle Reds, trimmed with gold braid and beads, ready to dance in. Download

Fiona Pretty pastel colours of pink green and lilac. Download
Meriel Royal blue and silver makes a nice dress for dancing.

Textures for School recital for Sadie From Poser Pro

Cara Radiant blue with silver and white overlays. Download

Textures for Heidi outfit for Sadie From Renderosity

Chloe Green and other bright colours to liven up your day. Download
Dulcia Red and pink valentine colours courtesy of Kimber tex pack.
Taisie Deep blue with white and silver embroidery for a sunday best dress.


Textures for Woodstock outfit for Sadie From Renderosity

Lavalle Shades of blue and lilac tie-die and batik. Download
Cool More greny blue shades with cool logo an top.
Festival Shimmery Mardi Gras colours of green, purple and gold.

Winter wear for Sadie, using Guderun and other freebies.

Winter wear Zip 1 Green cord and camo, black velvet with blue and silver and shades of Taupe with lemon. Download
Winter wear Zip 2 A prettier green version, a set in pinks and purples and one in shades of Red with a furry jacket. Download

Outfit can be found here (jeans, jacket and pullover)

P4 child hat can be found here

Textures for Sadie watch From (Daz freepository)

Sadie watch Some pretty colour watches that Sadie can wear to tone with her outfits. Download


Sadie dress up using Midnight blue dress & SA Fantasy set & School Recital
from Poser Pro and Heidi outfit From Renderosity

Zip 1 Peter Pan, Pirate and Wendy outfits.....please see the readme for these sets. (included is Peter pan hat prop by Pokeydots) Download
Zip 2 American Indian outfits, one lower res and one using scanned in beadwork. Download
Zip 3 The clown, the Knight, Asian Indian and hippy outfits. Download
Pan-lid armour Pan-lid armour prop by Rosethorn to complete the Knights outfit Download
For a skin texture set  for Sadie with Face paint options to go
with some of theses outfits go to NeilV Poser stuff

Textures for Sadie Fae From Daz

Sadie flower fairies A set of textures taken from real flower petal scans. Download

Textures for Summer for Sadie From Poser World

Blue gingham Blue gingham with deeper blue trim and pussy cat trim. Download

Cream Delicate flowers on a cream back with pastel trims. Download

Embroidered Pretty green with deeper embroidery. Download

Pink Dotty pink fabric with deeper trim and Teddy motif on Tee. Download

Red flowers Bright red flowered and plain fabrics. Download

Guderun Jacket for Sadie From Guderun

Cardigans A red lacy cardie, and an off white one which can be tinted in the mat room. Download

Sadie Expressions

Sadie expressions Some not so good expressions for our little Sadie when she is being naughty. Download

Textures for Wardrobe 1 for Sadie From Poser Pro

Sadie Irish dancer 4 different looks for one dress. black, blue, pink and green. Download

Lady Sadie for Sadie from TamiL

Sadie Princess Aqua, Gold,Lavender, Red and Seagreen shimmery fabric versions for this super outfit for our fav dolly. Download

Kassia free outfit for Sadie from Kassia

Kassia free outfit Some pretty summery textures for this outfit, plus a darker one which Sadie 16 might appreciate. Download

Textures for Kyri Joy From Daz

Kyri Joy Butterfly and Aqua sets, made using some of Tyllo's angelic pastel textures, with matching pants and shoes. Download

Textures for Summer Dream From Content paradise & RMP

Sunny Dream Bright, sunny, pastel, retro, silky, lacy or dark for evening wear. & completely different looks for this dress. Download

Textures for Wood Princess From Daz

Wood Princess Shades of lilac, pink and yellow for mix and match sets. Short dress set up so top and skirt textures are applied separately to make this easier. Download

Textures for Sadie old fashioned

Sadie old fashioned Fantasy tunic in 2 styles for the male Sadie and dresses in gingham and dk red using parts of various sets.

Please see readme to check what you need.



Textures for Sadie Mermaid From Daz and 3DU

Sadie Mermaid Uses Sadie's swimsuit and the free mermaid tail from 3DU, for a whole shoal of little mermaids. Download

Textures for My Heroine Sadie From Daz

My Heroine A Red, white and blue set which owes a lot to a certain female superhero.
A Barbie pink set, with 2 different shoulder capes, with or with out slogan.

Textures for Sadie PW Country Girl From Poser World

Country Girl Varied Textures for both short and long dungarees and normal and crop T-shirt in all colours (no crop top made for grey marl), can be mixed and matched as required. Several sport shoe textures for the shoes. Grey marl is light enough to tinted in the diffuse channel. Download


Textures for Sadie Poodles and Sox From Daz

Pack 1 3 pretty little dresses, yellow, blue floral and yellow, plus a set for the boy morph in blue, dk purple and black. Download

Due to a naming error Poser users will need to add a "s" to the  texture folder name at the end of poodle, changes should be from \Runtime\textures\Chohole\Sadie Poodle and Sox to \Runtime\textures\Chohole\Sadie Poodles and Sox
D|S only users do not need to change anything as the D|S mat poses point to the \Runtime\textures\Chohole\Sadie Poodle and Sox folder.
This counts for all 3 packs

Pack 2 Lavender set, 4 skirts, 4 tops, 2 belts and shoes and socks to mix and match. Download

Pack 3 Black, white and red. 2 skirts, 4 tops, 2 belts, socks and shoes all to mix and match again. Download


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