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Pirates and Cowboys (sorry no ninja's)

Fantasy textures for RHS stagecoach by Daz

Fairy flyer pretty blue white and silver, totally unpractical but fun. Download
Teal tourer Teal with lavender and purple hints, my fav colours. Download
Gothic go-er As requested a sort of gothic livery for the stage in black, red and gold. Download

Forest flyer Forest green and autumn colours for a woodland journey. Download
Floralie flyer A gilded coach useful for a wedding party, or for fantasy renders. Download
Barbie flyer Done in her trademark pink with hints of lavender trim. Download

Fantom flyers 2 colour-ways for this stage which is helped along by go-faster decals. Download

Textures for WildWest For V4 by Daz

Wanda Bright red and gold for ideal for a wild west show or the grand old Oprey. Download
Weslea Soft Aqua and gold for a more subtle texture. Download
Whitney White, silver and black, much more sophisticated. Download
Wilda Dark green and tartan check for those who prefer the darker shades. Download
Wilona So pretty, pink linen and gingham for this one. Download

Textures for Lone wolf For M3 From Daz

Lone wolf Black, Buckskin, Blue with 2 shirt versions, clean and dirty and green also with the 2 shirt versions. Toning pants but can be mixed and matched with each other. Download

American Indian bead pattern sampler

American Indian bead pattern sampler A few patterns in a small, usable size taken from genuine designs. A PSD with multi layers. Download
Please note :- The Artist (Author) retains all copyrights to the enclosed materials.

By downloading this pack does not give you  contents, only the right to use the contents. Please do not redistribute these patterns except as part of a textures set, whether free or commercial.

Thank you

Textures for M4 Pirate From Daz

M4 pirate 1st Brash in bright red and blue, Garent is bright red with gold and Raven is Black and silver. Download

Note: To make the shirt fit under the coat we have made the ShirtSleeves, SleeveRuffles and ShirtSleeveCuffs invisible using the transparency/opacity setting to make these parts appear please use the Material room/surface tab and reverse the transparency/opacity strength.

M4 Pirate Baroque Rich, bright Teal with gold decoration. 3 styles for the vest, to give some variation. (very 18th century). Download

Note:  Sleeves are set up the same as above.

Textures for V4 Buccaneer From Daz

Purple set Shades of purple and lavender.
Toning tex for MFD skirt found in my lengha skirts on page 11.
Teal and gold set Brocade coat with either teal or shades of gold for the other items to mix and match.
Skirts again on page 11.

Texture for Lassie of the seas for V4 (from Pretty3D)

Lassie o TS Purple and lavender for a change for your pirate lass, plus a nice down to earth colour scheme. Download

Red-black Black brocade with gold and red trimming and several versions of the dress to go under. Tones with MFD textures and panataloon textures for even more variety. Download

Royal-red Rich blue brocade with blood red trimming. Download
Tartan pirate Black brocade with true tartan trim, for a Scots pirate lassie. Download
Silly hippy Purples, pinks and flowers, just for a giggle. Download

Red-black combo - For MFD Red silk with black and gold trimming, to mix and match with the LoTS set. Included is a texture for the fantasy collar big. Download


If you use the MFD under the LoTS jacket you will need to off turn the collar, shoulder and forearm on the dress in the Hierarchy editor.

Pantaloons -
For Tunic pants

Natural and black-red textures to turn the tunic pack pants into pantaloons. Morph included to puff them up a bit. Download

Ocaso for LotS

More glowing colours for when the sun is behind the yardarm, and it's time to splice the main brace. (PoTS dress textures on page 2) Download

Texture for Kapooki (from Netherworks)

Undead pirate monkey Kapooki I wanted to do something completely different for the daz freepository birthday bash. This is the result, now guess where my inspiration came from. Download

Textures for Empire class for V4/A4/V4M (from Daz)

Zip 1 Wolffie green and gold set, and Rifle green black and silver set. Download
Zip 2 Imperial purple and rich gold, for a classy royal recruit. Download
Zip 3 Burgundy and pale blue, with either white or navy trous, plus Shades of navy and blue for the 2nd combo. Download

Textures for Corsair for V4 (from Xurge 3D)

X Corsair zip 1 Rich colours either in shades of blue or purple and black. Download
X Corsair zip 2 Wolffie green and wood brown sets for forest warriors. Download


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