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Turn of the century
for the outfit that is just that little bit older)

Textures for Sensibility for V4  (DAZ)

Blodwen A nightgown style for the dress, 3 different styles. As it is white it can be tinted to taste. Download

The Blues Odelle mimics a peacock, and Lynnea in 2 colours of silk. Download

The greens Midori is shades of green, Alyssa is green and gold silk. Download

The silks Adanna in red and gold and Bryony in pink and gold's. Download

The patterns Turquoise and brown for an unusual combo, plus a bright brash one for Xmas celebrations. Download

The Velvets Rich red or purple velvet trimmed with white fur. Matching hooded cloaks Download
Hooded cloak from (Daz)
The velvets Red and purple velvet, to match the velvet Sensibility dresses. Download


Sensibility retro styles 3 different looks for the Sensibility dress. Baby Doll style in 4 colours, late 60s mini in 4 bright colourways and finally a typical late 60's Wedding dress using the set. Download


Regency Family V4 Textures for the regency Sensibility dress (2 versions) and the Apron, to complete a family grouping to match K4Regency and M4 Regency sets. Download


Textures for Sensibility Accessories for V4  (DAZ)

Pack 1 To match the blues, Adelle and Lynnea. Download
Pack 2 To match the greens, Alyssa and Midori. Download

Pack 3 To match the silks, Adanna and Bryony. Download
Pack 4 To match the velvets, Lydia and Perdita. Download

Pack 5 Matches Blodwen and Clianthe. Download

Creme-peche Light peach velvet and cream silk with matching accessories. Download
Rose-menthe Rose pink silk with mint green embroidered fabric and matching accessories. Download

Fern A nice warm green tweedy coat with silver grey fur muff and a printed dress underneath. Download
Rowan Warm red tweed coat coupled with striped brocade dress and beige fur muff.

Sensibility winter coat, Jewel colours.
Diamond Shimmery Ice white in silk and beads. Can also be tinted to taste in the mat room. Download
Emerald Rich shades of green silk with shimmery embroidery. Download
Amethyst Silk and lace for this one in shades of Amethyst. Download
Ruby Rich red brocaded silk with a hint of gold shimmer. Download
Sapphire Deep blue brocade with lighter embroidery and silk under dress. Download
Topaz Rich golden topaz tones, trimmed with gold. Download
Black diamond Black, slightly shimmery brocade trimmed with gunmetal and grey. Download

Textures for Edwardian Suit for V4  (DAZ)

Copper Rich burnt orange with creamy floral art deco dress. Download
Mercury Silver and stormy grey with shimmers to make quicksilver. Download
Red-Black Simply what it says, shimmery red and black brocade and beads. Download
Sage Light sage green and greeny grey brocade for a nice soft look. Download
Sapphire Rich blue brocade and lighter blue floral dress, pretty. Download
Signature My signature colours of lavender and light teal for another pretty outfit. Download

Moonstone Silvery blue and silver to make a very delicate outfit. Download

Textures for Bliss for V4, available from (Rend MP).

Evening wear

Ciara Black brocade trimmed with red, will mix and match with Ciara Lynn.  
Ciara Lynn Red and black brocade, to mix and match with above, and also with Ciara-lynn for extravaganza.  

Special note..........the bliss blouse Ciara-lynn and the skirt of Extravaganza 2 will match together to make a completely different outfit. You will need to turn all the top parts of the extravaganza dress (i.e.. Abdomen, chest arms etc.) off in the hierarchy editor.

Day wear

Aruna a browny pink tex for a day dress.  
Demode bleu Dk blue and floral textures for a typical late Victorian dress.  
Oralia Gold trimmed with coppery red, another nice day dress.  

Country wear

Cameron Tartan, with dk green and beige for a Highland lassie of the period.  
Sealgair The ancient hunting tartan used with soft green tweed for a soft, autumnal outfit.  

Textures for Art Nouveau dress for V4  (By NatrixNatrix)

Art Nouveau Poser dynamic dress.

3 different colourways in a stunning geometric art nouveau style silk, Gold, Blue and Green, for this lovely Mucha inspired dress.



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