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Something a little Special
A little black dress or something a lot nicer

Textures for V4 February Daisy from Daz

Daisy through the ages Styles for this dress which reflect era's from the 20's through to the 60's. Download

Daisy through the ages 2 Some more fun textures for 60's style mini dresses, plus one 40's style for wartime weddings, etc. Download

Textures for V4 Tiffany Dress from Daz

Tiffany pack 1 Sparkly, rich velvet, as near to Devoree as I could get in some nice rich colours. Download
Tiffany pack 2 Plainer, but still rich velvet style textures for stylish evening gowns. Download
Note: The DS settings will not look the same due to differences in how the programs handle bump maps.


Textures for V4 Amaree dress from Daz

Amaree This pack contains some fresh, retro looks for this dress. Download

Hippy Christmas bright red and green patterned fabric combined for a joyful look. Download

Textures for V4 Corset dress from Daz

Corset dress Mostly Rich and Sparkly textures, with just one for a short medieval maiden style. Download

Corset dress Medieval maiden look to tone with the merry maid E Star dress textures. Download

Textures for Oriental seasons from Daz

Oriental seasons Lace and silks to make slips or nightwear. Download

Textures for Evening star from Daz

The Velvets Rich sparkly velvet dresses for the sophisticated ladies. Download

Various Different looks, one for a fairy, one bright maiden look, and a white one. Download

The dancers Two dresses which will co-ordinate with the PoTS dancers for a whole new outfit. (PoTS textures on page 2) Download

Christmas star Scarlet silk trimmed with bright colour beads Download

Textures for V4 Coy dress from Poser Pro's

Coy Dress One bright texture for each day of the week for this little dress. Download

Textures for Selene for V4  (from Daz)

Shimmery for Selene

Silver green lame with subtle variations.
A silvery lavender lame with darker decoration.
Gold and copper lame for this one.

Bright colours for Selene

Red, trimmed with bright shiny decorations.
White trimmed with roses.
Blue and silver patterned brocade.

Fun colours for Selene

Bright orange trimmed with cream.
Yellow gingham trimmed with black.
Bright citrus checked fabric.

Sofistikat for selene

Emerald and silver lurex type fabric.
Indigo with subtle trimming.
Violet, to complete the rainbow.

Textures for Modern Muses dress for V4/A4 (from Daz)

Zip 1 Floral and pastel textures for the top and skirt. 2 variants on the top pastel tex. Download
Zip 2 Green paisley and brilliant peacock textures for top and skirt. Download
Zip 3 Blue eve (as in the sky at dusk) and sunset variations in this zip. Download

Zip 4 Mix and match textures in Cherry red and Silver grey. As well as 2 trans versions for the cherry top there are tex for bikini bottom and boy shorts from basic-wear set, and pants from the tunic pack, plus Silver grey tunic pants. Download

Zip 5 Black and white mix and match, 3 skirts (black, white and black plaid) pus 2 tops, giving a possibility of 6 outfits. Download
Zip 6 Pink plaid and polka dot mix and match combo. 1 skirt and 2 different tops. Download

New set Coffee, Dark green, Shades of palest blue and a bright phsycadelic one, just for fun. Download

Textures for Modern Muses/Artardecer dress for V4/A4 (from Daz)

Travel set Lime green floaty floral for Artadecer and Modern Muses, also for V4 bikini, boy shorts and tunic pants. Download

Textures for Artardecer dress for V4/A4 (from Daz)

Pack 2 Pastel floral textures in lilac with pink, and yellow with pink. Download
Pack 3 Coffee and dark green texture sets to mix and match with existing modern muse sets. Download

Textures for In this Moment dress for V4/A4 (from Daz)

In this Moment Black, Dk blue, Dk green, Wolffie green, Sunset, Peacock and Opal versions of this 50s Prom dress. Download

Textures for B25 Winter dress  V4 (from Daz)

B25 winter

Ice dancer (pale pastels), Midnight Dancer in (black and blue) and BlackRose (black with pink), all shimmery. Best rendered with IBL or bright lighting.


Masquerade dancer

4 colours, gold, red, peacock and Wolffie green for corset and skirt.
Matching 2nd skins below.

Masquerade 2nd skins LIE Presets LIE Presets for torso and limbs in the 4 colours so you can add them to your skin of choice. Download
Masquerade 2nd skins PNG PNG layers for torso and limbs in the 4 colours so you can add them to your skin of choice.

Currently for Poser users their is paganeagle2001 tutorial  that may help or use a program that can add layers to an image.

Note: Due to file size I have created separate zips for the PNG layers and would advise user to only download the version best for their program of choice the .PNG files in both zips are the same ones.

Textures for Queen of Hearts for V4 (from Daz)

Wolffies Queen

Using the infamous Wgreen with gold lace for a nice rich and sparkly set. 2 variations on the collar, 1st is green and gold, the 2nd is gold lace.


Azure QoH

Rich in shades of Azure blues in silk and brocades. Thanks to Tyllo_Teresa for her textures which were used with colour manipulations.

Purple QoH Purple brocades and black velvet for a more gothic look on this one. Download
WinterQueen Silvery, shimmery and very cool with slight colour reflections for this seasonal style. Download
Please note that Trumarcar made a set of corset laces to complement this set, available here
You will need RTE encoder 2 (free) to use this add on. I also used the bow from Jan19's Belle Epoch on the front of the Azure set (texture included).

Textures for V4/A4 Filosofy princess from Daz

Black princess Shimmery black with red beaded trim and dk red vest. Download
Earth Goddess Earth brown with rich autumnal colour trim and armour. Download
Imperial purple Purple silk brocade and silver trim and armour, very regal. Download
Wolff Princess Wolffie green silk and antique gold trim, just what any self respecting wolff needs. Download

Elemental Spirit The top point on the pentacle in shades of Amethyst and violet. Download
Elemental Air Whites, greys, light pastel blues and silver to portray air. Download
Elemental Water Shades of glowing blue with waves and dolphins to denote the water element. Download
Elemental Fire Rich glowing red, orange and gold's for the fire element. Download
Elemental Earth Greens, browns and gold's for the earthbound element Download

Textures for A3/V4/A4 Earane outfit from Daz

Warrior elf combo Mix and match gold mail and decorated buckskin, to use either filosofy or MFD with the Earane outfit. Download

Earane pack 1 Two different textures for Earane, in golden mail or royal blue, and matching tex to use the MFD as a skirt under it. Download

Earane pack 2 Black and silver and vaguely oriental red-black textures for Earane and matching MFD skirt. Download
Earane pack 3 Silvery pale blue/white/silver and celestial blue with gold stars. Again Earane and matching MFD skirt. Download
Earane pack 4 As above in Wolffie green and gold, very shimmery. Yea Wolffie you got your own pack. :-) Download

Textures for AndyAwards Dress (from PhilC)
(This is a limited time freebie (Jan 2010), but there is an expanded, for sale, version in PhilC's store)

The silks Patterned silk in Black, Charcoal/Gunmetal grey and Shades of Red. Download
Shimmery Shimmery, beaded all over textures in Silver, Gold, Champagne and Teal. Can look metallic with the right lights. Download
Spangled Silk and Twinkly beads in Green and purple. Download

Due to some nodes being used to make the poser versions look  nice the DS mats versions have been done to look nice in DS rather than to completely match the Poser version.

Additional A moonlight blue with bright silver spangles and a shimmery Dusty pink one to add variety. Download


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