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Aiko 3 Stuff

Textures for Prim and proper for LLF Infamous for Aiko3(from RDNA)

Winter sunshine Shades of warm gold, fur trimmed and with 2nd skin to give matching blouse and fur gloves. Download
Petite fleur This one in shades of pink, pretty and appealing. Again with 2nd skin blouse and gloves to match. Download
Moody blue Shades of blue velvet, brocade and lace, complete with 2nd skin blouse and gloves. Download

Textures for Wistfully yours for Aiko3 (from Daz)

Wistful pastel gradient
Wistful rainbow
Wistful midnight velvet
Just what it says, a simple gradient applied for a subtle effect.
Textured rainbow gradient materials are used here, for a slightly richer effect.
Crushed and plain velvet, combined with silvery beading.

Wistful bridal gown Luscious lace to make every Aiko's brides day special. Download

Second skins PNG overlays to use over your own skin texture. Made to match the Wistful textures, but can be used on their own. Download

Wistfully yours Wolffie green and gold, with 2 main skirt options, patterned or tartan to tone with Fionnula set. Download

Aiko 3 Renaissance nobility (from Poserpros)

Blue gold nobility
Rich red nobility
Gold and deep blue brocades for a Lady of the court.
Red silk brocades and beading for this lady.

Renaissance bridal gown Satin and lace for Renaissance nobility Download

Textures for La fleur noire for Aiko3 (from Daz)

Shimmer textures for La fleur noire Red, Green and purple silk embellished with shimmery beads. Download
Summer blue for La fleur noire Pretty jade blue mini dress trimmed with green and lavender embroidery. Download

Textures for Angel of Light for Aiko3 (from Daz)

Punk Angel Black, red trimmed punk or Goth textures for a different sort of angel. Download

Textures for for Sione FD3 for Aiko3

Blue-black gothic for Sione FD3...........By request, and just what it says. (Some settings on the props attached to dress may need to be manually adjusted). Download

Textures for Zamara for Aiko3 (from Daz)

Zamara citrus textures Zinging citrus colour floral textures for bright summer days. Download

Zamara summer garden textures Pretty textures in soft summer flower colours. Download

Zamara modern summer textures Chambray in blue and lt olive, or a funky stripe version, for a more trendy summer look. Download

Textures for Fionnula for Aiko3 (from Daz)

Pack 1 Brown leather and tartan for mix and match possibilities, plus Jacobite tartan skirt and scarf. Download
Pack 2 Cameron hunting tartan (green) and Comyn (Red) tartan with toning plain items in red and dk green. Download
Pack 3 Glengoyne, purple and blue tartan with toning purple items, very rich colours. Download
Pack 4 RCAF tartan (blue and red mainly), and Scott black and white tartans. Toning items in Dk royal blue and Black. Download

Pack 5 Wolffie green and gold set, with both patterned or tartan skirt options, and plain or tartan scarf. Tones with Alyssia set. Download

Textures for Alyssia for Aiko3 (from Renderosity)

Alyssia Wolffie green and bright gold tex set for this outfit. Tones with Fionnula and Wistfully yours items. Download

Pack 2 Beaded buckskin and tartan highland lassie textures for the set. Download
Pack 3 Pretty lilac silk, or silver silk (which can be tinted in diff channel to suit) Download


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