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Texture's for freebie item's

Textures for Fable for M4 (By Dyald)

Robin Hood etc Uses tunic 2. 4 tunics, Robin, Will Scarlet Little-John and Merry-men. " loose pants, R Hood and Lil John, 2 belts and 3 Boots, together with matching textures for the hat.  Download

Various 2 Uses Tunic 1 and tight pants, plus brace cloak. Black velvet set for the Sheriff of Nottingham, Brocade set and blue Silk set for a charming prince.  Download

More Fable King Richard, a Musketeer and some Tudor doublet styles in this set.  Download
Please note that if you use the blue doublet, to get the slashed sleeve effect you need to have both sets of sleeves conformed to M4, apply the musketeer tex to sleeve 1 and shirt, and apply the blue doublet sleeve tex to sleeve 2.

Also make sure you have the  update fable sleeves other wise the textures will not look correct.

Textures for M3 monk tonsure (from 3DSC)

Monk Hair A very quick tex and trans for the M3 monk tonsure found here  (medieval project).  (No D|S Settings) Download

Textures for Rococco for V3  (By ChrisCox)

Rococco Shades of copper silk and brocade, a similar one in shades of Teal and a beaded red and black one. Download

Rococco Shimmery One in shades of blue silk, and one in glimmering gold making nice rich shiny textures for this dress. Download

Lelah Black and white satin stripes with black lace and beading trims. Download

Textures for Varsel's 18th century suit for M4  (By Varsel)

Zip 1 Black and silver, Blue velvet and Plum velvet sets. Download

Zip 2 Green colonial, Wolffie green and teal sets for the outfit. Download

Zip 3 Peacock, purple and black and Brown velvet with brocade for this set. Download

Zip 4 A leprechaun, just for fun. Download

Textures for Peasant dress for V4  (By by Assasin)

Cho_assasin_PD Brown and lt tan homespun decorated with some embroiderie for special occasions. Download

Textures for Fantasy Romance Dress for V4  (By by Rose2000)

Fantasy Romance 5 textures for Fantasy romance dress by Rose2000. which can be downloaded here

Includes ivory (bridal) Brocaded in deep blues, dark purple and Wgreen beaded and salmon embroidered versions.

For the bridal dress I have used the train from MFD exp pack 2, with train 1 being the veil settings and train 2 for the actual dress train..




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