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Crinolines for all occasions.

Please note you will find the textures for Cho's Crinolines on page 1
with the rest of the textures for Jan 19 stuff

Textures for Marie Antoinette dress by Ryverthorne (Daz)

Rose noir Sumptuous black and red velvet with jet beads. Download

Bouillard gris Shades of grey and black for a subtle look. Download

Creme de menthe Soft mint green brocaded style. Download

Or blanc White silk and gold beads. Download

Ciel d'Ete Bright sky blue and white silken brocades. Download

Cuivre d'or Copper brocade with golden yellow satin. Download

Ombres de bleus Shades of blue velvet with beads for a rich look. Download

Ombres de paon Shades found in a peacock for this richly coloured dress. Download

Zip 1 Lauren green, self trim, Laurel green with lt gold trim and Ruby with gold. Download

Zip 2 Blue topaz shades, Violanthe in purple shades and Lela in black and white. Download

Zip 3 Dove, pinky grey with pearl trim and Albinia white with silver. 2 version of this one, with or without my added bows. Download

Textures for Victorian Era for V4  (DAZ)

Vic Era blue Shades of Summer blue for the top, both skirt variants and the accessories. Pretty. Download

Vic Era red Deep wine red with black, and just a tad of silvery beading for this richer set, maybe for a dinner or evening dress. Download

Vic Era cafe Cream lace with coffee and dk coffee fabric for another day dress or maybe a party dress. Download
Hat, choker and top corrected mat files for the "Cafe" set.
Simply replace the original files with these 3 poses.

Textures for Extravaganza for V4, available from (Rend MP).

Merry Widow Lavender and purple for the Lady who has forsaken full mourning black. Download

Summer Floral Delicate floral and lace, with the option to tint each part in mat editor for different looks. Download

A variety of mix and match textures, conveniently
packaged in 3 zips.

Green and gold Gold overlays to highlight a green trimmed dress. Download

Green striped Dark green lace overlays and a striped under dress. Download

Green and pattern Dark green dress with a patterned chiffon overlay and accessories. Download

Bonus set an alternative set of ornamentation, to match all dresses for a richer, more sophisticated look. Download

Textures for Extravaganza II for V4, available from (Rend MP).

Pack 1 Soft pastel shades to make delicate ballgowns for young ladies. Download

Pack 2 More pastels, but a tad brighter, great for summer garden parties. Download

Pack 3 Rich colours in this set, for more the more sophisticated lady to wear to the ball. Download

Pack 4 Variations on Natural colours, cream, coffee, cinnamon and gold in various combinations. Download

Pack 5 Purple and black makes a ball gown for a widow who is part way out of mourning. Download

Pack 6 Shiloh, this tex just didn't fit in any of the other packs, a colourful ballgown for a regimental ball. Download

Pack 7 Ciara-lynn, rich red and black, designed to be used as is, or as a mix and match texture with Ciara-lynn for Bliss set. Download

Textures for Snow Bride by Littlefox (RDNA)

Neige paon Shades of Peacock blue with shimmery trimming. Download
Neige rose Rose pink velvet and silk trimmed with silver. Download
Neige cuivre Rich coppery twinkle fabric with gold underskirt and trimming. Download

Neige vert Wolffie green brocades with gold highlights and green embroidery. Download
Neige sarcelle Different shades of teal with teal embroidery and some silver trim Download
Neige pourpre Rich royal purple velvet, with a beaded and patterned underdress and jet trim. Download
Neige noir Black brocade, dk red shimmery under dress and red twinkling embroidery. Download

Minuit neige dark Midnight and light shimmery blue silk, with bow to match overskirt. Download
Minuit neige light Midnight and light shimmery blue silk, with bow to match underskirt.
Or neige Yellow silk, old gold bocade and shimmery gold trim. Download
Sioda glas Kelly green silks trimmed with Celtic red-gold interlace. Download
Bourgogne neige Rich burgundy red silk with gold embroidery. Download

Neige glacee Icy blue brocade and white lace for a cool gown. Download
Creme de menthe Pale green figured silk with cream lace overlay. Download
Sanglante neige Blood red silk brocade and black lace overlay for a more gothic look. Download
Cafe au lait Coffee silk brocade with antique lace overlay...frothy. Download

Textures for My Princess  for V4, available from (DAZ3D).

My Princess A whole mix of different textures for this lovely dress, Some delicate, some rich, even one almost gothic one. A veritable Rainbow, plus a coffee one and a Mono one which is light enough to tint slightly if required. Download

My Princess Mix and Match This is an ad-on for the above My Princess set.

In the One zip are textures to match some of the dresses to make them more truly Victorian, 2 different styles. The Coffee, Primrose and Sage use the sleeves from Far Journeyer and the T-neck insert from the Edwardian suit. The Midnight and Mono ones use the Archer top (and the side patches from Lyrra) plus the Edwardian insert again.



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