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Wizards and Warriors.

Textures for The Mage for M4 by Ravenhair (Daz)

Air Sky blue with white swirls and clouds for this airy fellow. Download
Earth Shimmery silk shaded from brown to lt green for the Earthy guy. Download
Fire Shades of red with gold trims for this hot little number. Download
Water Shaded sea green with white foamy deco for the cool one. Download
Spirit Silvery, iridescent silk for a spirit mage, or maybe high mage. Download
Note: If you downloaded these files before 07-07-09 you may wish to redownload as they have been updated to fix pathing issues in the poser mat files.

Dark mages 2 styles, Dark mage in black with hints of Purple and blood red and a necromancer in black and silver. Download
Note: If you downloaded these files before 07-07-09 you may wish to redownload as they have been updated to fix pathing issues in the poser mat files.

M4Mage_Rincewind Typical red robe with stuck on symbols, and his signature Wizzard hat. 2 versions, either normal or tatty. Download

Courtly mages 1 Midnight Blues or Wolffie green velvets with Rich gold trim. Download

Courtly mage 2 Purple brocade with blood red and black trims for this almost gothic set. Download

Textures for Witchunters  V4 & M4 Versions (from Daz)


Gothic style in black and 2 shades of red.

Blue Oxbridge colours, 2 shades of blue. Download
Coffee Various shades of coffee and cream, very smart. Download


Speaks for itself, shimmery shades of peacock blue.



Shimmery purple and black, sort of rich gothic.


W Green

Wolffie green and gold, of course.


Textures for Windy Wizard M4 & AM Versions (By BadKittehCo & shadownet, RMP)

Dark mages Dark mage in blackvelvet with purple and blood red chaotic lightning patterns and Necromancer in Black velvet with silver patterns. Download
Fun mages Windy wizz in sky blue with white swirls and clouds and of course Rincewind in his red robe and signature hat. 2 versions of this, normal or tatty. Download

Courtly mages1 Midnight Blues or Wolffie green velvets with Rich gold trim. Matches MFR and M4 mage sets. Download

Courtly mages2 Purple brocade with blood red and black trims for this almost gothic set. These match up with MFR and M4 mage sets. Download

Elemental mages1 Earthy and Fiery mages which mix and match with the OKCR MFR and M4 mage sets. Download


Elemental mages2 Watery and spirit mages, also toning with the other sets. Download

Textures for Morphing Fantasy Robe M4 & AM Versions (By OKCRandy, RMP)

MFR Windy, Dark and Necromancer textures to match the Windy Wizard robes. Download

Courtly mages Midnight blue or Wolffie green velvet with gold trim, plus a Purple red and blck gothic one. Download

Elemental mages Earth, fire, Water and spirit to complete the set started with the windy (air) mage. Download

Staffs 7 different textures for the staff that goes with this robe, one for each day of the week. Download

Textures for The Sorceress for V4/V4E/A4/G4 by Ravenhair (Daz)

Zip 1 Wicked queen in burgundy and gold plus Imperial sorceress in purple and blood red. very rich. Download
Note: If you downloaded these files before 21-07-09 you may wish to redownload as they have been updated to fix pathing issues in the poser mat files.

Zip 2 Elegant textures in dark midnight blue, plus WG Elegance in the infamous wolffie green, both with gold beads.. Download
Note: If you downloaded these files before 21-07-09 you may wish to redownload as they have been updated to fix pathing issues in the poser mat files.

Zip 3 Paon (peacock) and silvery brocades used here. Bonus Paon tunic tex included but not mat posed, with feathery hem. Download

Zip 4 Slightly hippie textures, one in yellow and green (flower power) and a summer flower one in reddish hues with gold vines. Download

Zip 5 Autumn leaves and Ice Queen sets t finish the seasons, all parts including silver or gold rim specs, but no wand. Download

Zip 6 Orientalia, a partial set in dk green velvet with gold dragon and clouds design. Only tunic, hi-collar, belt and diadem completed. Download

Textures for Agostino for David. (from DAZ)

An Tiarna Rich green brocades with gold highlights. Download
Brannan Raven black with silver, for you suave or evil men. Download
Flannchard Black and red shimmery brocades, stylish. Download
Gormacha Shades of blue and bluey tones in brocades. Download
Neirin Purple and black, again in brocade, ideal for a rich noble. Download
Sealgaire The huntsman in buckskin and suede, a good hard wearing outfit. Download

Textures for Courageous for V4/A4/V4M (from Daz)

Purple-black 4 versions of tunic, can be either short or long and with white or black undershirt, black pants and matching boots and shoulder armour. Download
Peacock Again there are 4 versions, long or short, either with or without clasps on doublet, and toning pants. Download
Tudor Once again 4 versions, Long and short with the chain on tex and long and short without the royal chain. Matching pants and boots. Download
Wolffie green Just the two versions of this tunic, long or short with toning pants and shoulder armour. Download
Accoutrements Either silver and black or brown and gold, boots, bracers, baldric and pouch. Download

Black leather 3 versions of the tunic, black leather with subtle silver dec and plain black trous and matching belt. Download
Brown Leather Again 3 variations in tunic length, this time brown leather with gold decor and toning trous and belt. Download

Black Black and silver with Oriental dragon motif. 2 styles of tunic and silver pants. Download
Red Rich red with a gold dragon. Again 2 styles for the tunic. Download
Blue Rich radiant blue with gold phoenix and gold pants. 2 styles of tunic, one with and one without a side slit. Download
Green Wolffie green tunic with gold and black phoenix. Again 2 styles to suit either male or female figs. Download
Peacock Shades from a peacock's with the phoenix in multi colours. Two styles of tunic again, and matching pants. Download

Heralds White Satin with silver and a wee bit of blue, 2 different tunics and pants with white belts and sash, also boots.
To match the valiant heralds.

Textures for Rogue for V4 (from Xurge 3D)

X V4 Rogue Sage green and silver, plus purple with gold and black trim. Download

X V4 Rogue Zip 2 Natural colours in unbleached and brown homespun. Mix and match.. Download
X V4 Rogue Zip 3 More natural colours, this time yellow and orange homespun, again mix and match with each other and also the above pack. Download

X V4 Rogue Zip 4 Dark red, with stylised flame decoration in shades of red or gold. 2 versions, one bright flame, one more subdued. Download

X V4 Rogue black Black and siver set made by request to match the M3Rogue one. Download

Textures for Rogue for M3 (from Xurge 3D)

X M3 Rogue Dark red with stylised flame decoration, 2 styles to match the above V4 set. Also includes a black and silver set. Download

Textures for Battle Angel for V4 (from Xurge 3D)

Zip 1 Sea green, a sort of opel/shell colour and a bluetone one for angels of the sea. Download
Zip 2 Persian red, Wolffie green (of course) and black/silver for other occasions. Download

Textures for Crimson Knight for David 3 (from Xurge 3D)

Seagreen A set to match the V4 seagreen battle Angel. He Who dares wins the girl. Download
Black black with silver trim and silver phoenix decoration, much more sophisticated. Download
Gold Shades of gold and old gold for a dashing knight gallant. Download

Textures for Valiant for M4 (from Daz)

Grail Knights Owing a lot to Monty Python influences,3 styles of tunic silver chainmail and blackmail) plus 4 different tabards and 1 set of bracers. Download

Heralds White satin with silver and a wee bit of blue for 2 different tunics and tabards, plus boots and belt. Download

Various Again the chainmail tunic, but with richer silk tabards, teal-gold, Wolffie green gold and A knight of St John. Plus a silly Xmas knight tex.

Includes a Mail Coif texture for Urban Warrior top (from Daz)


Court Jester Last but not least, any court needs a jester to entertain between campaigns. :-) Download

Various 2 Regal purple, with silver and black, and a brown/blue tabard with a natural under tunic as a change from chainmail.  Download

Textures for Slicer for M4/H4 (from Daz)

Slicer 2 styles, natural colours and rich colours. Natural in shades of beige either with dec or plain, and Wolffie green and hunter green again one plain, one with Wolffhead dec. Rich colours include Red and gold, Purple and black and deep blue and black. Download

Slicer 2 Brown tan and brun-gold robe, both with brown pants and a Dk grey robe created by using the bump as a texture, with matching pants. Download

Textures for TOA Legendary M4/H4 (from Daz)

Legendary celtic Aonghas ( red with gold and black), Murough (deep teal with silver) and Emrys (Midnight blue and silver) all with celtic motifs. Download

Legendary zip2 Mostyn, green and gold for an elf prince, Yorath in shades of purple and Brendan in black and gold, Brendan has 3 different length coats included. Download

Legendary rebel Grey with yellow trim for a Johnny reb cavalry officer. Download

Textures for Far Journeyer V4/A4/G4 (from Daz)

Rich Colours Seasonal Autumnal shades of browns, gold's and oranges, or Really rich shades of deep blues with silver. Download
Dark colours Burgundy with red and gold is really rich, or you can have Purple with black and silver to be really stylish. Download
Bright colours Shades of peacock blues is bright and cheerful, and of course we have to have shades of Wolffie green with gold. Download
Please note I have included very simple 2nd Skins as leggings or tights to tone with these sets. There are 2 alternatives for the WGreen one, either dk green or gold, depending whether you want to be bold or subtle.( With the dk green version in DS you may want to play around with the UV tiling option (EHSS or DS3) I find around 0.80 looks the best.

Far Journeyer rose 2 versions, either rich rose pink shades or black with pale rose, both with silvery glimmers. Download

Textures for Fairytale Prince M4/H4 (from Daz)

Zip 1 Black and Red for a brooding, shadowy sort of Prince and Rich Autumn colours for a seasonal Prince. Download
Zip 2 Peacock shades for a bright and gay Prince and Wolffie Green shades, because I have to do that one, don't I. Download

FT Prince 3 Burgundy, spiced with pink for a daring lad, Imperial in purple and black brocades with silver and Royal in shades of rich blue with silver. Download

Textures for Native Costume for the MilHorse by Daio (from Renderosity)

Heralds Sky blue white and silver with bells attached for a dress tack for your companion Download

Purples Lilith in purple and black and Signature in purple and dark teal, with gold trim. Download
Rich colours Nurit in red and black gothic colours and Sunil in shades of blue trimmed with gold. Download

Valdemar Black and silver for a black rider, and bright and beaded for the Shin'a'in. Download
Naturals Brown leather and buckskin (Armona) and shades of green (Arden) both trimmed in gold. Download

Textures for Officers and Gentlemen for M4 by thip & renapd
(from Renderosity)

95th Rifles 3 variants for the enlisted men jacket, 95th jkt (with black braid), 95th jkt 1 (with white braid) and 95th sergeant jkt, plus a tex for the Officers jacket. 95th Pants, 95th Officers pants and Sharpes trousers (using the pants and not the officers pants). Boots for the enlisted man using the rmshoes, A shako and an Officers shako, Canvas bag and strap using the cloth bag and strap, a tex for the sword bayonet, and for Officers a tex for the Dolman and a tex using the bandolier. (not the officers bandolier). Download


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