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Textures for Daz morphing fantasy dress (V4/A4/G4, V3, Aiko3, The Girl & Laura) (Not SP3 Version)

Broiderie Rich red, royal blue and purple embroidered lace textures. Download

Broiderie 2 Broiderie echos gothique, black and red embroidered lace for a more gothic look.
Broiderie vert de pres, grass green with gold hints, like a summer meadow.

Carnival Purple and jade combination to make an outfit for any carnival.. (Panty png for V4 also included in zip for you to add to any skin texture.) Download

Peigne de miel
Soie de sage
Honey gold and coffee spangled ballgown.
Soft sage and darker green ballgown.

Robe de jour verte Mid green Victorian day dress texture. Download

Cherry blossom silk gown
Periwnkle blue silk gown
Silver grey silk gown
Pretty pink Victorian evening gown for a nice young lady.

A Lavender blue version of this dress.

A more sophisticated version, also lends itself to being tinted within the mat lab.

Tavern wench 1 A green homespun outfit for your average Tavern wench. Download

Ice blue medieval silk A delicate texture for your medieval ladies or elves. Download

Medieval wench in blue A richer texture in silk and velvet for a wench or pirate lass. Download

Homespun medieval peasants Homespun textures in 3 colour-ways for early medieval commoners. Download

Rousse-noir gothique Red and black silk textures for medieval and gothic images. Download

Italian renaissance style Rich brocades in two colour combinations for renaissance renders. Download

Tudor style Silks with braid and embroidery in 3 colour ways for your Tudor maidens. Download

Late Victorian style
Soie en jade
Orange brulee

A dainty silk day dress for the discerning Victorian lady.
Promenade or walking out outfit in stunning colours.

Gibson girl style

Ruby wine

An unusual combination of Jade and lilac for a trendy young miss.
Same style in a richer colour combination of ruby red and rose.

Midnight moon moth

An elegant evening dress, just right to attend the BAFTA's in. Download

Red Queen

A set for the Red queen from Alice.......using some of expansion pack 1 for V3 and V4. Download

Bad Alice

By request an "American McGee" type texture for the MFD. Download

Peach sunrise

Shaded for deep to lighter peach and embellished with gold for a bellydance style. Download

Damsel in dis dress

Before and after versions of a simple off white dress or nightdress, with a bonus extra texture to make a negligee. Download


Off white satin trimmed with pale pink, textures for the MFD and exp packs. Download


Ice white satin, trimmed blue with the same exp textures as the above. Download

Allegra (pack 1)

Black/gold, Dk Aqua, Mermaid green and Midnight versions of this jaunty dress. Download
Allegra (pack 2) Purple/silver, Scarlet, Silver-aqua and silvery white versions of the same style. Download


Sassy dress with a great rear view in Bronze, Dk red, Forest green, Gold and Midnight. Download


Based on a dress worn by a certain Blonde star, in Copper, Green and Dk Purple. Download


Silk, fur embroidery and beads all combine in this seasonal dress/coat Download

Carnival queens, using MFD and some of the PoTS exp pack.

Mardi carnival queen

Traditional Mardi gras colours, purple green and gold for an OTT version Download

Coffee carnival queen

a more refined one is Coffee and cream with gold hints.Still sparkly though. Download

Mix and match textures for the MFD, some items from exp packs 1&2, the PoTS dress, overskirt and some parts of that exp pack. Also tex for the MCD and a toning jacket using the jacket from LotS.

Country style mega bundle

Blue gingham with pretty pink embroidery. Download

Mix and match

Lilac silk, Morag, Nickol, Glen Cova and Pharmsoc tartans to use as dresses or as skirts to mix and match with buccaneer shirts.   Found here. Download

Victorian style MFD

Clarette in rich red, uses MFD + bustle, apron and train. And sleeves from Pots exp pack.
Verna in green and gold uses MFD, bustle, apron train, overskirt short puff sleeve and shoulder ruffle.

Yellow Victorian style MFD

Yellow silk with cream lace accessories (ie apron, bustles, train, skirt, short upper sleeves and shoulder ruff). Very dainty outfit. Download

Victorian style MFD Delphine

Uses MFD, Apron, bustle 2 and train, plus the long puff sleeves from PoTS. Rich blue floral set. Download

MFD 17thC

Rich Autumnal colours or Black with pale rose and silvery trim for the MFD and some accessories.
Also packed as skirts to tone with a couple of the Far Jorneyer texture packs found here on page 6.

Ariannaid MFD

Silvery silk with gold trim for the MFD and overskirt, design loosely based on a dress from an online game.
This dress was done to accompany my simple tutorial on texturing.


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