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Suit You
When something smarter is needed.

Textures for Edwardian suit for David. (from DAZ)

Brown A dark brown jacket and trousers, with beige shirt, gold brown tie and tasteful waistcoat. Download
Charcoal Dark grey suit, white shirt and bright red waistcoat and tie.
Green Dk bottle green suit with Lt green shirt, green tie and fancy green nodad.
Grey Lt grey jacket, pinstripe trousers, fancy red-gold Nodad (use one of the shirts from other packs). Download
Maroon Burgundy suit with flash bronze waistcoat. Again needs a shirt from the other sets to finish it.
Navy Navy jacket with velvet lapels, navy trous, Lt blue shirt with Teal waistcoat and tie.
Black/purple A special request. Black jacket with purple velvet lapels, black trous and shirt with purple waistcoat and tie. Download

Spare waistcoats More designs for the waistcoat in various colours, some tasteful, some more lary nodads. Download

Spare ties To change the tie colour of any set with just one click, various alternative ties. Download

Textures for M4 Tuxedo for Mike 4. (from DAZ)

Tuxedo 4 jackets (Black, Charcoal,red velvet, green velvet), 4 trousers ( black, grey check, grey pinstripe and tartan), 3 shirts ( white, pale green and black), toning waistcoats (nodads) plus some extra nodads. Download

Brown Tuxedo Brown tux jacket with beige shirt, yellow silk nodad and brown check trousers. Download

Blue tux Blue velvet Jacket, rich brocade vest and blue-grey trous. For the stylish man about town. Download

Textures for Gaia for V4/A4/V4E/G4. (from DAZ)

Gaia zip 1 Autumn colours satins and a more stylish florally one. Download
Gaia zip 2 Blue flower and lilac sets, with an additional midnight blue dress to go with the blue flower set. Download

Gaia zip 3 Rich copper gold silk and lace, and lighter gold and green lace with autumn leaf jewel vines.
they share the same vine jewels.
Gaia zip 4 Red satin with black, and a goth style one in dark red and black. The goth one has no vine jewels, but can use the Florally jewels. Download

Textures for City Girl for V4. (from Poserworld)

City Girl 3 main colourways for the entire outfit, Teal, Dark Heather purple and Taupe, with some extra blouses to mix and match. Also included are Jacket inserts in all colours, so you can change that at the click of a mouse. Download

Textures for Elgin for V4. (from Poserworld)

Black Black Leather jacket and boots with Grey chunky cable tee and grey denim style lycra leggings. Download
Brown Brown Suede look leather jacket and boots with Brown chunky cable tee and brown toned leggings Download
Signature Uses my signature colours of lavender and teal, Silky textures.
In my promo I have turned the "hip" section of the Tee in the H.E. to make the shorter top. No transmap needed.
Spare Tee... legs Extra colours for the Chunky cable shirt and the leggings in Blue, Maroon, Purple, Teal and Wolffie green, so she can change every day. Download

Textures for Winter Cardi for V4. (from Poserworld)

Wintercardi 3 colours in chunky cable knit with white polo insert, to tone with City Girl outfits. Download

Textures for SteamPunk for V4/A4/V4E/G4. (from RDNA)

Posh Frocks

Autumn Rich glowing colours to suit the coming season. Download
BlackRose Black with rose-pink and silvery trims for a smart outfit. Download
B-W-S Black, white and silver with 2 different versions of the dress and shirt, one just black, and one with silver overlay. Download
DarkRose Black and Red for a more Gothic look. Download
Peacock As it says, shades of peacock in rich fabrics. Download
Signature Teal and purple for this version, a darker shade to my normal signature colours. Download
WGreen The infamous Wolffie green brocade and iridescent taffeta with gold trim. Download
Hats Textures for the hat from the accessories pack to mach the above outfits (some had will need the no goggles morph applied) Download

Lavender A subtle mix of blues, pinks and mauve reminiscent of a field of lavender in bloom. Very delicate and pretty. Download
Pinstripe A very smart ensemble in navy blue and white for the fashion conscious lady. Download
Choholait Not quite milk chocolate, not quite grey, so I invented a name for this colour scheme in brocades and embroidery. Download
Grungy Grey A not posh frock just to prove that Chohole can do working class if pushed hard enough. LOL Download
Hats 2 The hats to match these 4 colours. Download

Please note all hats that have toning goggles are set up with the goggles on the hat as well in the mat poses. The other colourways you will have to use the "remove goggles morph".

Necklaces Matching all the colour schemes I have done so far.. Download

Gloves Catching up with the accessories, there are all 11 colours in this pack.. Download


Goggles Only a few sets have goggles, BlackRose, DarkRose and Peacock from the first set, and Navy and grunge from the 2nd. Download

Textures for Hardcore for M4or M3. (from Daz)

Ordinary Jacket, pants and Boots in Brown leather, Denim blue or Grungy Grey, for the Streetwise guy about town. Download
Flashy This time you have a choice of these 3 items in either dark purple and teal for the stylish Signature), or you can have white quilted satin with lurex and sequins plus gold trim for the really flashy guy (Pop Star) Download

Plain shirts In colours to tone with all sets and some extra ones for a change (If Streetwise guys change their shirts lol). Download
Logo shirts Mostly the same toning colours, but this time with either logos or slogans on the front. Download

Textures for Regency & Regency Expansion M4/H4/M4E. (from DAZ)

Burgundy Tweed coat in Burgundy, red scarf and Green striped Winter vest to tone with Xmas pack (on page 9). Download

Greens Houndstooth Tweed coat,Beige Knit scarf, Velvet jacket, Linen pants and textures for the 3 different waistcoats in shades of green. Download

Grey Herringbone Tweed coat, greyknit scarf, Bluegrey jacket, Pinstripe pants and again textures for the 3 waistcoat styles in various brocades. Download


Purple Purple Tweed coat and a purplish scarf, Black pants, purple tweed jacket and 3 different waistcoats. Download

M4 Regency Family Textures for the Jacket, shirt, Necktie,Waistcoat and trousers from this set to match the K4 Regency set and V4 Sensibilty set. Download

Textures for Wanted Dead or Alive for M4/H4/F4/M4E  (DAZ)

Please note: Not all sets have boots.

Waistcoats (vests) and shirts are mostly made so they can mix and match between the sets for variation.

Dandies Here you have Dandy in Teal and gold, WGreen and Young Blade in Purple with teal plaid. Dandy has 2 versions of the coat, either crushed silk or plain teal fine velvet and Wgreen has 2 pairs of trous, either plain or check, plus 2 shirts, either gold silk or V light green ruffled. Download

Formal Here you have either Black pinstripe (city gent), Taupe tweed (Squire) or Burgundy and navy (with plaid trous). Dapper has 2 variations of shirt, either blue or burgundy striped. Download

PoshFrock matches To tone with some of my Steampunk posh frocks. Pastel in slate grey with blue shirt and pastel vest, Pinstripe with navy velvet, pale linen shirt and striped vest, and Chocolate in shades of the colour. Download


The gambler Just because I had to do one western one. The gambler has black suit, boots and hat with white ruffled shirt and bright nodad vest. Download


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