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Textures for Elfin dress for V4/A4 (from Daz)

Halloween elfin A cobweb set for elfin to make a halloween elfin. Download

Textures for Layer dress (from Evil Innocence)

Cobwebs layers Cobwebs for this free dress, which fits many female characters. Download

Textures for MFD dress (from Daz)

Halloween MFD Halloween set for MFD and exp pack 1
Dress over dress and sleeve textures with a cobweb scheme for you Halloween renders.

PNG TattooTextures for V4

Halloween Tats Various tattoo layers to add to you fav V4 skin.

Cobweb stockings arm and hand webs for limbs map.

Underwear, chest, belly and shoulder plus undies add to your torso tex.

Makeup and face web obviously for your face map..

D|S Settings supplied in L.I.E format for easy usage.

Currently for Poser users their is paganeagle2001 tutorial  that may help or use a program that can add layers to an image.


Sione Halloween dress & Sweet-Pea for Aiko 3

Sione Halloween dress Pumpkins and cobwebs make a bright fun dress. Download
SweetPea (from Rend) more cobwebs, with bats this time. Download

Lady Sadie for Sadie

Lady Sadie Spiders, spider-webs and black cobweb lace for Tiggersprings free outfit. Download

MFD for Stephanie 3

Halloween MFD S3 Halloween set for S3 MFD
(Use exp 1 textures from other MFD pack up the page)

Butterfly dress & MCD for V3

Butterfly dress Purple and silver sorceress tex for this free dress from Morphography. Download
MCD Once again we have cobwebs and spiders for this cocktail dress. Download

Little Dyvil & Selene & Heidi for V4

Little Dyvil Webs and spiders again for this free dress from Aery Soul at rend. Download
Selene Black and silvery bats with cobwebs for this one Download
Heidi v4 Tribal style bat designs and black cobwebby brocade for this new dress from daz. Download

Tunic pack for Several figures

Tunic pack A sexy little withc dress for the females that have a daz tunic pack. (Steph, V3,V4 etc). Download

Tunic pack & male world traveller scarves  & David Imagination set

Male Tunic pack + world traveller scarves Skeleton shirt and stripe pants, plus Halloween design scarves to tone for Captain Dead. Download
David Imagination set Purple silk with alchemistical designs, gown belt hat and pendant for a sorcerer or wizard.

This set is available in the Daz freebie archive.

Png Skull mask To add skeleton face paint to any gen 3 head tex. Download

Body Texture & David EES suit

Body texture for any 3 gen male Zombie and vampire med res body and head textures with mat poses. Download
David EES suit Tatty and torn textures for this suit, for your discerning Loa or zombie Download
Please note the vampire is wearing the same suit but with textures already on site on page 8

Textures for Wood Goddess for V4 from Daz

Wood Goddess Holiday styles for this outfit, an bright Chismassy one and an icy Winter one, which also includes a tex for the cape and cloak. Download

Xmas Fantasy set for V4

Arkana Bright reds and greens with gold bling, just for the holidays. Download
Filosofy Rich deep fabrics in red and green, with evergreen type trim for an Xmas princess. Download
Fae Realms This one is in rich red and gold with gold lace overlay. Download
Elfin Poinsettia leaves and other evergreens combine to make this seasonal texture. Download

M4 & V3 Xmas

MCD A red beaded texture for the MCD. Download
Urban warrior A slightly tongue in cheek red sweater and green trous for M4 using Urban warrior. Download

Sadie Xmas

Sadie Xmas Santa suit and boots using SilverElf's fantasy set, plus a tex for the free body suit and one for the free Hoodie (available at share CG). Also a Christmas sweater and trousers using Guderun's free pullover and jeans (Renderosity frestuff). Download
Body suit
Hoodie set
Guderun stuff

Textures for Fable for M4 (By Dyald) and M4 Bodysuit and basic wear (By Daz)

M4 bodysuit Superman Using bodysuit, Speedos from basic-wear, hooded cloak and free boots from Dylad Fable set.  Includes a generic superman and a super Santa tex ( just for fun). Download
Fable Xmas A set in red and green to turn fable into a fun outfit for Santa's little helpers. Download

Textures for Mrs. Claus for V4/A4 (by Ryverthorn)

Mrs Santa free Using the free dress from 2008 PA giveaway at Daz.
A shimmery snowy gown in blue and white, plus a bright purple and green one, for hogmanay or any other celebration.

Mrs Santa pack 2 Day dresses in 4 colourways with toning aprons for more normal days in SantaLand. Download

Textures for Male & Female Tunic and Pants from Daz

Mardi gras Traditional purple, green and gold colours. Download
Pastel Subtle pastel shades for a very feminine jester.
Red_black A more gothic jester outfit in red, black and purple.

(tunic set pants)

Jester pants Matching textures for the female tunic set Download
(shoe used are a freebie by Adam Thwaites and found here)

Mardi gras Traditional purple, green and gold colours. Download
Green-gold As it says a green and gold tunic for a male jester.
Red_black A more gothic jester outfit in red, black and purple.

(19th century breeches, shoes and stockings)

Jester pants Matching textures for this set to match the male tunics. Download

Jester hat (from Netherworks studio)

Jester hats Mardi Gras, black-red, green-gold and pastel textures to match the above sets. Download

The store location for the hat (freebie)

Christmas 2009 Female outfits


A matching set of textures for various outfits. All done with the same theme so giving many opportunities for mixing and matching.

Outfits used are Jan19 Glitter and Belle Epoch, The MFD and expansion packs, PoTS with Exp pack, Queen of hearts, Infamous and lastly the RP Steam outfit. (Please note this is the outfit available from Renderosity )..
Jan 19 From ShareCG Download
Infamous From RNDA Download
MFD From Daz Download
PoTS From Daz Download
QofHearts From Daz Download
RPSteam From RMP (Note: you will need to use a skirt from one of the other packs with this outfit) Download

Christmas 2009 Male outfits

Regency Burgundy brocade and velvet with gold tinted shirt (other colours can be achieved in mat room). 2 variations each for vest and Waistcoat. Download
Mafioso Burgudy velvet jacket with plaid trous pale green shirt and a Nodad in Christmas colours. Download
MadHatter Bright and breezy in red and green, ideal for the celebrations in wonderland. Download
Tuxedo Bright red brocade with burgundy velvet, pale linen shirt and 2 versions of the waistcoat, either stylish or Nodad. Download

Xmas Trog Just what your average Trog needs if he has ambitions to help Santa over the busy period. Download

Christmas 2009 Xmas Kitty

Xmas Kitty 4 furry textures for this free toon kitty from 3D Universe, plus 4 textures for little dragon's free shirt for kitty. Download

Note: For DS users I have also created HSS DS mats created in DS2.3 and you will find a HSS folder inside the Ch_Tex_Kitty folder ( in both DS and Poser settings folders).


"Dress up", Tales of Vesperia

Vesperia An attempt to make textures for Fan Art, in this case Tales of Vesperia.
Textures included to make Estelle, Judith and Yuri.
Shown here rendered in my normal style, plus a postworked toon style image

Note: Required products PoTs dress and Overskirt. Far Journeyer sleeves, Briana boots
MFD. V4Bodysuit, Westwild boots, SteamPunk steam gloves. Picaro for M4  .


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